Counseling parents is for parents that seek ways of dealing with the issues that arise regarding their children. Sometimes the demand of the parental role may be demanding and lead to confusion. Common issues that parents face are the communication within the family, conflict resolution, understanding of behavior of the child and of the parent (e.g. adaptation to school, aggressive behavior, sleeping disorders etc.)


Couple counselling gives to the couple the chance to reflect and explore issues of the relationship within a supportive environment. A couple may have been trapped in behavior patterns that lead to repetitive vicious circles, they may face issues like emotional withdrawing, lack of sexual interest, power issues and many more. The psychologist without playing the role of the referee, facilitates the authentic sharing of thoughts and feelings in order for the couple to be able to focus on beneficial ways of dealing and each one to reenhance the valuable bond with the person one loves. Couple counselling may take place even in cases that the couple has already decided to proceed with separation or divorce  but they wish to explore ways of better possible dealing with the end of the relationship (e.g. when there are children in the family)