There are many different reasons that people decide to come to counseling. There may be specific behavior patterns that  reoccur and one wishes to change them. One can go through a transition and stressful situation (e.g. wedding preparation, caregiving ). One may need to take important decisions on his/her life or feeling like he/ she is on a deadend. One may need to understand the psychosomatic symptoms that appear without apparent physica causes.

Counseling is a useful means for anyone that is interested in personal growth and exploration  and understanding of his/her own behavior , as well as coping with issues that arise.

A psychiatrist has followed medical studies and can prescribe medicine. A psychologist has completed his /her studies in a psychology department and the counseling process takes place via talking .

Certainly a person can discuss his /her problems with friends. However sometimes this may not seem enough. Moreover the opinion of a friend may be biased and filtered through personal experience.

A psychologist, within the framework of the privacy as per the ethical code , has the appropriate scientific training so that he/she provides the opportunity to the person to focus to oneself and see more clearly, understanding oneself and proceed towards personal growth

Eeach session lasts 50 minutes.

Usually one session takes place per week. However the frequency may vary upon agreement.

When a person that comes for counseling acknowledges that the goals for which he/she came have been achieved. The duration is not the same for everyone and for all cases.